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Vellafanes Industries is the parent company to PH-Chem LLC, IzolSolution LLC, and a future manufacturing plant in the United States bringing technology and excitement to building products from Europe. A variety of new innovative building products is set to take the market by storm in the United States shortly. Here is what we are all about...

Vellafanes Industries represents PH-Chem which promotes a concrete resin product to allow the installer to get in and out of their projects quickly. Through this innovative technology, any post and other item which requires concrete has a "NEW ALTERNATIVE" that is stronger, quicker and more efficient than dealing with heavy, bulky concrete products! Visit www.ph-chem.com for more information!

Vellafanes Industries is also the parent company of IzolSolution LLC, a product that once testing is complete in the United States, will be a product found on or within most homes in the United States - particularly those prone to wild fires or made of wood!

Vellafanes Industries upcoming company will be local manufacturing of the above products in the United States to deliver more competitive and time efficient products through our distribution network of dealers throughout the United States!